Bangka Archipelago

Dive Bangka, Lembeh, and Bunaken

Bangka Archipelago North Sulawesi

Bangka Archipelago

Bangka and the surrounding islands are located on the northern tip of North Sulawesi, just 90min from Manado City by car and approx 90min from Bitung City by Fast Boat. Well known for its pelagics and healthy soft coral formations. The islands in the group consist of Bangka, Talise, Kinabohutan, Tindila, Gangga and tamperong.

Bangka Island
There are four villages and a number of dive sites around Bangka island. Batu Gosoh consists of a number of steep pinnacles rising up from the depths, a drift can be done around them and there are plenty of areas to escape the current. A number of large boulders and pinnacles can be dived at Sahaung and large step formations can be seen. Coral is very colourful here and there are plenty of schooling fish such as snappers, fusiliers and surgeonfish.

Similar topography can be found at Batu Mandi and Batu Pendeta, there is also a plane wreck of a B-21 bomber at around 28 meters, a lot of it has been covered with sand though. There are a number of dive sites and house reefs on the mainland around Pulisan that offer shallower diving around pinnacles and rocks with equally as impressive marine life.


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