Makamaka Diver Lembeh

Makamaka Diver Lembeh

Upholding the idea of DIVE, SEARCH, and CONSERVE; Makamaka Diver sets its aim not only to provide an excellent services as known around the world, but also to protection and conservation of the Lembeh Straits Underwater environment and species.

Reborn and Reformed, our one and only Dive Center redefined itself into another level of services in the Dive Industry. With existing experienced and fully certified Dive Team from Boat Crew up to our in-house Instructors, are all now officially PADI and SSI certified with a minimum EFR trained/ Rescue capabilities to ensure Maximum Safety to all of our customers.

The Team has now even more solid and experienced, have even scheduled another prestigious and ambitious project of Bio Coral Plantation right on our very own housereef, just a jump away from the exquisite Kambahu Bay Seaside Café and Bar.

Dive and Stay in Lembeh Luxury Boutique Resort

Daily Daytrips Dive to Lembeh from Manado

Daily Daytrips to Bunaken Marine Park

Daily Daytrips to Bangka Archipelago



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