Dive Only The Best Site of Lembeh


Makamaka Diver Lembeh

Located in a secluded strait between the mainland North Sulawesi, and the Lembeh island. Makamaka Dive and Services sits peacefully inside the area’s only Luxury Boutique Resort, the Dabirahe Closest To Nature formerly Lembeh Hills Resort.
Highlighting the fun of Scuba Diving and underwater adventure, our team of experienced dive professionals are ready to serve you 7 days a week with your scuba diving adventure, and UW Photography critter hunt.
Being invested with hundreds of critter species, it’s not long before Lembeh Strait become world’s macro capital and world class dive destination. So keep us in mind next time you are planning your scuba diving holiday, for more on the resort facility, please also visit http://www.dabirahe.com



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