Boiling (Frog)?


Frogfishes, family Antennariidae, are a type of anglerfish in the order Lophiiformes. They are known as anglerfishes in Australia, where ‘frogfish’ refers to a different type of fish.

Well this particular one in Lembeh Strait certainly isn’t boiling at all, but our dive team at Makamaka Diver Lembeh had been fortunate enough to have captured such feeding momentum on camera

So keep those viewfinder aiming, and those index fingers standing alert by the shutter button, and who knows some interesting and beautiful event might just pop up in front of you, and that’s what Scuba Diving in Lembeh Strait is all about

Makamaka Diver Lembeh, Dive Only The Best Site of Lembeh | Dive and Stay Luxury Boutique Holiday Resort with Dabirahe Closest To nature

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