Finding Goby

Makamaka Diver Lembeh

Yellow Clown Goby

You wish it’s another of those blockbuster disney movie that might accomodate your macro hunger, no it’s not. The yellow clown goby, Gobiodon okinawae, also known as the Okinawa goby or yellow coral goby, is a member of the goby family native to the western Pacific from southern Japan to the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef. As the name implies, they are bright yellow in color, save for a whitish patch on each cheek. Below is the yellow goby of Lembeh Strait.

So instead of the theater, we highly recommend to see it all yourself right here in Lembeh Straits, book your dive now with Makamaka Diver Lembeh and stay luxury dive resort in Lembeh Strait North Sulawesi of Indonesia

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