ROAR-ing Lembeh Critters

Phyllognatia ceratophthalmus

Phyllognatia ceratophthalmus

Phyllognatia ceratophthalmus or also known by its popular name The Tiger Shrimp is one of the Top 10and most famous as well as favorite crustacean or critter in Lembeh Straits.

Typically grown only up to the size of 20cm (*now you know why she’s in the Top 10), they are normally found hidden in sponges, algae, or broken corals and our diveguides are amongst the best one in the world to find them and pose for you
So next time you’re in the area, get those macro lenses ready cos The Tigers are all down there ROAR-ing for you to find them.

Only in Lembeh Straits, Scuba Diving Adventure with Makamaka Diver Lembeh



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