Dive Only The Best Site of Lembeh

Welcome to the epicenter of the world’s underwater macro species, The Lembeh Straits in North Sulawesi Region of Indonesia with Makamaka Diver.


Upholding the idea of DIVE, SEARCH, and CONSERVE reflecting our primary principals in conserving the protected area of North Sulawesi, specially the Lembeh Straits where most of our members and staff are living.

MakaMaka Diver Owned and Operated by Dabirahe Group, Formed with a strong objectives of providing an enviromental-friendly, conservation, and educational services in recreational and technical diving, as well as underwater macro photography, Dive Lembeh and entire North Sulawesi at its best. Dive Only The Best Site of Lembeh with Makamaka Diver
MakaMaka Diver is affiliated as key product of the ‘DABIRAHE | Closest To Nature’ Luxury Holiday and Dive Resort located in the macro capital of the world, the Lembeh Straits North Sulawesi of Indonesia 

Dive Lembeh Straits

Dive Lembeh Straits

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